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PopSugar – These Hotels Have Rooftop Views That You Won’t Believe Are Real

June 15, 2017 –

These days, we do a lot for the Instagram. Trendy new food to try? Do it for the Instagram. Cool new gadget? Try it out for the Instagram. Spectacular rooftop views? Go for the Instagram. These 14 hotel rooftops here not only have beautiful bars or pools right on site, but they also have breathtaking views of the cities they’re in. Whether it’s in New York or Italy, these hotels are worth a visit just for the view.


Food & Beverage Magazine – Beyond the Lobby

June 2017 Issue – F&B Beyond The Lobby

As the head of The Envoy Hotel’s popular restaurant, Outlook Kitchen & Bar, Chef Rosana leads the innovative dining experience in the city’s Innovation District; however, cooking was not always her first passion. With dreams of becoming a doctor, Tatiana had to rethink her degree in biomedical sciences after failing her college calculus class twice. 

Dining on memories of La Patria

Financial Mail Travel Magazine, South Africa

Nostalgia, for a homeland long departed, lies at the core of the Cuban diaspora’s quest for cultural identity. Dishing out memories at the kitchen table is one way that the legacy is passed on, writes Ishay Govender-Ypma.

The Drink: Envoy Hotel’s Juliet & Juliet

June 2, 2017 – Out Traveler Destination Guide

Pride Month has officially begun, and the Envoy Hotel in Boston is celebrating with a signature cocktail. Available at the Lookout Rooftop & Bar and the Outlook Kitchen & Bar, the ‘Juliet & Juliet’ is a creamy, tangerine-flavored concoction perfect for any Pride celebration.

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