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Enjoying Boston’s Beautiful Skyline Views From the Lookout Rooftop Bar

You can never spend enough time in Boston. Boston has successfully managed to seamlessly blend history and modernism, and what you get is a city teeming with innovation, vibrancy and a rich culture.

Experiencing all that Boston has to offer can take you several days (and sometimes, even more). But one thing you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in this city is to take in the majestic skyline views it has to offer.

The Outlook Kitchen is located on the lower level of the hotel, allowing guests to enjoy a wide selection of world-class foods and beverages. However, the Lookout Rooftop Bar offers the best, unhindered views of Boston’s spectacular skyline. Located in the city’s Innovation District, the Envoy Hotel is a well-known hot spot to revel in the picturesque panoramas the establishment effortlessly provides.


Witness the Grandeur of Boston’s Independence Day Celebration

Summers are always fun in Boston and there’s no denying that the city’s special Independence Day festivities are the highlight of the season.

If you’re from out of town and you’re coming to Beantown in time for the 4th of July, you better choose a hotel that’s strategically located so you can easily take part in the celebratory events lined up in the community.

One great place to stay in is The Envoy Hotel – a posh and uniquely stylish waterfront hotel that is also home to Outlook Kitchen & Lookout Rooftop Bar. All the important Independence Day events are just within walking distance from this hotel, and if you’re not keen on being part of the crowd in the streets, especially on a very hot day, you can simply stay at Outlook & Lookout until the crowd disperses and enjoy the scene from above.

So, what can you expect to see while lounging at the Outlook Kitchen & Lookout Rooftop Bar?


Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family in Boston, MA

Boston’s summers are warm and mostly comfortable – the ideal climate to enjoy some outdoor activities and maybe visit some parks and paths or even waterfront locations. It’s easy to lookup the most widely recommended activities on TripAdvisor or something similar online. Even Google has its own Boston travel guide. Of course, on the downside, lots of people will be looking at the same things and going to the same places.

If you just want some Boston summer activity ideas for a great time, you can combine your sightseeing with a lot of the available outdoor activities you can do in the area. This is a great way to experience authentic Boston flavor while also avoiding the typical tourist traps and rush hours.

So what’s your summer activity of choice? Do you prefer sailing, outings at local beaches, bike tours around the city? Maybe keep it simple and just walk along Freedom Trail or explore local neighborhoods on foot? If you’re a bit sporty you can watch or even compete in the Boston Marathon and consider Dragon Boat races. Whatever your choice of warm-weather activities, Boston has plenty to offer: