If you have been wracking your brain for the best date ideas in Boston, then look no further. A staycation in Boston is never a bad idea, because it can be the most enjoyable, fun, and memorable staycation you can have – especially if you stay at The Envoy Hotel in the Innovation District.

Unmatched city beauty

Nestled perfectly near the harbor, where Boston skyline views and breathtaking views of the Boston harbor are a given, The Envoy Hotel can be the perfect answer to what to do any weekend as an extra special date.

Breathe more life and fun into your relationship, and enjoy world-class accommodations that combine classic Boston with eclectic influences, including a great, big nod at New England traditions.

Visit the ICA-Boston in the afternoon, and enjoy multiple exhibits spanning award-winning shorts to mind-teasing art and performance exhibits running all month long at the Institute of Contemporary Art-Boston. Head over to the Fort Point Galleries and Art Walks, and immerse yourself in the local arts culture like never before. Boston is a wonder, vibrant city, and there is always something to (re)discover in its thriving art scene.

The best time to roam the city also falls between spring and fall, which is just the perfect times for a romantic date.

There’s also the option of hiring a water taxi for a scenic ride of the harbor and its surrounding waters. There are multiple docks available for this purpose, and all you have to do is call the water taxi service and you will get a ride pretty quickly with your significant other.

A romantic evening treat

 When all your romping and adventures are done for the day, head back to The Envoy Hotel for a quick unwind, before making a beeline to the Lookout Rooftop Bar where The Envoy Hotel’s heated igloos complete with comfy blankets and top-tasting cocktails are waiting for you.

Your enjoyment of the city doesn’t end in the evening, because Boston’s skyline is really a treat in itself as you enjoy some quality time with your date. Guests who are staying at The Envoy Hotel do not need to line up to get into the Lookout Rooftop Bar, and this place is normally packed with eager guests who want to become part of the hottest bar in the neighborhood. And for dinner? We’ve got you covered. The Outlook Kitchen, located downstairs, is a full-service restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes and complete meals from heart entrees to sides of every type.

Immerse yourselves in the best food that Boston has to offer, creatively prepared fresh every time by our award-winning chef. Available cuisines are progressive/creative American with New England influences, gluten-free, vegan, and you can also make special requests if you have food allergies as the Outlook Kitchen can easily accommodate. Book your stay and make your reservations today at the Outlook Kitchen. It’s sure to be a romantic night of delicious dining and fun.