The most important aspect of a Valentine’s Day data is always the dinner – if you neglect this aspect, the rest of the evening isn’t going to be as fun or enjoyable.

That’s why we at the Outlook Kitchen at The Envoy Hotel would like to let you know that we know how it feels: not making a reservation on time, ending up in a bad restaurant with a mile-long line, and getting served cold, bad food, because the restaurant is just too stretched to its limit, and the kitchen staff are about to faint from the heat of Valentine’s Day.

Scratch that – because here at the Outlook Kitchen, you can expect the opposite: a beautiful interior that is intimate, warm, and classy, and food that is out of this world.

When we say something, we have already delivered it to many others, so it’s just a matter of stepping through our doors, sitting down comfortably at your table, and taking a look at our delicious menu of exciting, gastronomic offerings. Your significant will have their eyes solely fixed on you, because everything has been taken care of, and all that is left to do is to enjoy the amazing food, and each other’s company.

The Outlook Kitchen has a Progressive American take on gastronomy as it combines the most wonderful aspects of local Boston cuisine, seasonal ingredients, modern American, and tidy New England traditions and creates a one of a kind angle on all kinds of dishes perfect for breakfast, lunch, and yes, your Valentine’s Day dinner. In addition to your regular portions, there are also dishes served on shared plates, small plates, and so on.

The Outlook Kitchen also serves signature cocktails, spirits, and liquors of every kind so you can pair your entrees with the perfect liquor. Extend your visit in Boston this year and visit us again on a Sunday to enjoy DJ entertainment.

If you are staying a few days in Boston, don’t forget that the Outlook Kitchen is situated in one of the most exciting hotels in the district – The Envoy Hotel. Combining the best of contemporary and classical, The Envoy Hotel features elegant architecture, comfort beyond measure, and is most suitable for a stay for two on this special night.

Our guest rooms are well-designed and offer breathtaking views of the Boston Harbor and the city itself. Resplendent with the details that make Boston itself a magical city, our rooms are comfortable, urbane, and luxurious, and they encourage creativity as much as relaxation. Equipped with mod baths and dedicated working spaces, too, your room will have everything you need to make your Valentine’s Day getaway absolutely perfect and stress-free.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – it’s time that you gave your significant other a date he/she deserves. Book your room early at the Envoy Hotel and make your reservations at the Outlook Kitchen today and just sit back and relax as we take care of everything for you this February 14.