The Lookout Rooftop at the Envoy Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts is now open for the warmer summer months and it is time once again to give yourself one of the best gastronomic and bar experiences in the Boston waterfront area. The beautiful richness of the city is now coming to full splendor with better weather and you can now visit Boston and really enjoy the local culture and dining scene without worrying about having to leave the posh Envoy Hotel. Book a room early at the Envoy Hotel and enjoy a full-service kitchen (room delivery available) plus the Lookout Rooftop, which is located at the rooftop deck of the Envoy Hotel.

The Lookout Rooftop is considered the “neighborhood hotspot” because of its pristine design and spacious setup, perfect for couples and friends going out for a night in the city. For the most savory dining experience that mixes perfectly with the eclectic modern culture of the city, check out the Outlook Kitchen & Bar, the Envoy’s full service restaurant that provides not just local Boston flavors but an international approach to semi-casual dining. The bar features home-brewed cocktails and beers, bourbons and a wide variety of drinks for every kind of guest. There are also fruit mixes and a beautifully-crafted wine program for folks who enjoy their wine with their meals.

The overall food program is Progressive mixed with New England influences and the restaurant will gladly accommodate special food-allergy related requests as it has a scratch kitchen. Gluten-free food and vegan dishes will gladly be served.

What does Boston waterfront dining really look like? If you eat the Outlook Kitchen & Bar, you’ll get to choose from a wide assortment of entrees and sides fit for a king. To begin the evening with something light, try the grilled Spanish octopus made with green Harissa, blistered cherry tomatoes, flavorful chorizo and sweet, caramelized onions. One crowd favorite (no surprise) is the Blue Hill Bay mussels made with Thai coconut curry and grilled sourdough bread. For some refreshing flavor and serious protein, there’s always the Duck Confit Croquettes in preserved lemon aioli and pickled mustard seeds.

Nothing makes dinner more special than delicately-made soups overflowing with flavor. For South Asian flavor, try the curried cauliflower soup made with sumac yogurt, crispy chick peas and chives. Want some fish in your soup? Order the spicy tuna poke with gojuchang vinaigrette, tempura bits and chili threads. Ever tried soup with fruit? Order the watermelon salad with pickled rind, watermelon radish and charred lime vinaigrette. There are also plenty of salads to choose from if you want something light for dinner, like the Little Gem Caesar Salad, made delightful with heirloom cherry tomatoes, brioche croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese.

And this is just for dinner – the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes from breakfast to snacks to dinner, available all day until dinner service. Book your stay at the Envoy Hotel today and start your gastronomic journey, Boston style.