If you’re travelling to Boston this coming Christmas season and happened to be staying at the Envoy Hotel, you’re in luck! You’ve chanced upon not just a great hotel, but a great hotel with one of the hottest rooftop bars in the capital – the Lookout Rooftop & Bar.

What makes this Boston rooftop so special?

A couple of amazing things: the cocktails, the view and… warm igloos! People flock to the Lookout Rooftop & Bar because it offers one of the best views of Boston. If you have ever been a fan of urban panoramas or the picturesque view of bustling metropolises, especially at night when light, glass and steel play to create a dazzling skyline, then you have to visit the Envoy Hotel’s rooftop bar.

Of course, after taking in the breathtaking sights, you’d want to order some cocktails. What makes this bar distinct is it makes – and serves – its own small-batch liquors, from beers to brandy. And all these small batch beverages are exclusive to the Lookout Rooftop & Bar and the restaurant downstairs, the Outlook Kitchen.

What’s for eating/drinking?

The current cocktail lineup includes delectable tropic-inspired creations like the Pain Killer (Denizen Rum, pineapple, orange, coconut and nutmeg) and home specialties (small-batch liquors) like Brian’s Barrel Aged concoction, made of bourbon, ruby port and bitters.

The Outlook Kitchen also serve fascinating breakfast items such as Green Eggs No Ham, Buttermilk Pancakes, Nutella French Toast and Two Cage Free Eggs Your Style. Bruch is also open to the public with delectable offerings such as The Cubana (ham, pork and ciabatta), Autumn Buddha Bowl (arugula, red quinoa, feta, etc.). Who wouldn’t want to have some dessert after a sumptuous meal? Have your fill of Warm Apple Skillet, 24 Karat Whoopie Pies and Coffe Cremeux to make your day that much sweeter and warmer.

Igloos, igloos on the roof!

The iconic igloo finds its way to Boston and is currently open to the public until April 16, 2018. There are a total of six glass igloos at the Lookout Rooftop, each with seats and a nifty button you can press to order more cocktails.

The igloo is equipped with neon-inspired lighting that responds to the order button. Each cozy dome is warmed from the inside but to make sure that no one gets chilly while having their favorite cocktails, bar staff are going to provide fleece blankets too, just in case a draft gets in. All in all, the lit and warmed igloos are great for small companies and are also a great way to appreciate the view of the harbor and the general Boston skyline.

Thinking of reserving an igloo right now? Call the Lookout Rooftop at 617-530-1559. All igloos are offered to the public on a first come, first served basis. While walk-ins are possible the bar highly recommends reserving so you’re sure to get a dome for you and your friends.