So you have decided to stay in Boston during the holidays and you are just gushing over the fact that you can explore the historic Boston cityscape, while staying at one of the best hotels in the city – the Envoy Hotel. What’s in store for you?

The best thing about staying in Boston is the sheer number of things that you can do, and the places you can visit to create those unforgettable memories. Here are just some of the places that you can jaunt to after dropping your bags in your accommodations at the Envoy Hotel:

#1 – The Boston Harborwalk – If you want to get a feel and taste of what Boston city life is all about, the Boston Harborwalk should definitely be on your list of places to visit in the historic city. In addition to quaint shops for your needs, there are also schedule cultural events and public art exhibits for everyone.

You will also be near the ocean, and Boston’s notable modern architecture will be in full view, too. Nothing like getting in close to appreciate modern architecture.

#2 – New England Aquarium – The New England Aquarium brings you one step closer to the beautiful creatures of the sea.

And since Boston definitely has a close relationship with the ocean, it’s only fitting that you spend a bit of time visiting the city’s collection of penguins, stingrays, giant sea turtles, and lots more.

#3 – Bunker Hill – If you are thinking of visiting a notable historic monument after you drop your bags at the Envoy Hotel, try Bunker Hill. Bunker Hill is dedicated to commemorating the first major clash during the United States’ Revolutionary War.

#4 – U.S. Constitution – Have you ever entered a US warship before? If not, now would be an ideal opportunity to come close and personal to an actual 18th century US warship. An interactive and very educational tour awaits tourists who sign up for a tour.

#5 – The Public Garden – And finally, if your eyes are craving for nature and beautiful architecture at the same time, be sure to visit Boston’s Public Garden.

The Public Garden is rich with special botanical specimens, and there are monuments galore there too, plus a restaurant where you can grab a bite.

After spending a full and very rewarding day visiting all of Boston’s great sites for tourists, you can cap off your day at the Lookout Rooftop Bar, the neighborhood’s hottest and most popular destination for people who want delicious liquors and the best bites.

The long line that leads to the Lookout Rooftop Bar is often long, but guests who are already staying in the Envoy Hotel are guaranteed access to this hot venue in Boston.

Get ready to be blown away by the best cocktails and selection of beverages to quench any kind of thirst. You can also order small snacks and meals, and your friends will absolutely love the unique skyline ambiance that is pure Boston, all day long.

Make sure that you checkout the Lookout Rooftop Bar’s exclusive menu and plan ahead so you can visit us.