The Lookout Rooftop Bar, which is already a neighborhood hotspot with long lines leading to it almost nightly, has just gotten better.

The Lookout Rooftop Bar is located at the top floor of the Envoy Hotel in Boston, and boasts delicious bites and liqueurs for all kinds of drinkers, from casual to deeply passionate. The Lookout Rooftop Bar’s expansion involved a literal expansion of the space, with an eye on improving the overall customer experience of guests.

The old space has been widened and there is now an additional VIP space called the Harbor Lounge. From the Harbor Lounge, guests will be able to appreciate views of Fort Point Channel, as well as the skyline of the Financial District. Majestic views of East Boston have now become an official part of the Lookout Rooftop Bar experience.

The original bar now enjoys an additional 2,500 square feet of extra space, which makes a lot of sense since the long line to get into the Lookout Rooftop Bar begins at 4 in the afternoon and proceeds until midnight. No other location with a similar function experiences this type of foot traffic in the district.

The Envoy Hotel has also brought in beautiful new furniture to make the new space functional, and the additional 2,500 square feet can easily be broken down to individual clusters for different kinds of events, such as corporate meetings, presentations, large-scale conferences, and the like. The newly renovated area was unveiled in June 2018 after the space was approved by the local city government.

One of the great things about the Lookout Rooftop Bar is it literally evolves with the season. Every season it’s perfect – even during winter. In winter, heated igloos become as much a fashion statement as a must-have in the cold weather if you are coming with friends.

Guaranteed entrance at the Lookout Rooftop Bar can only be had if you are a guest at the Envoy Hotel. The lines are long and the wait is long too, so to make things simpler: book a room early at the Envoy Hotel and enjoy instant and guaranteed entrance to the city’s hottest bar in the sky.

The dress code at the Lookout Rooftop Bar reflects the smart casual dress culture of Boston. Avoid baseball hats, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, shoes, and swimwear when visiting the bar. Valet parking is just $20 and maximum parking is 3 hours with validation. You can get to the Envoy Hotel by taking the Red Line to the South Station or take the Silver Line to the Court House.

The establishment enforces local health codes and does not allow smoking of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. If you are coming in with kids, know that children are not allowed upstairs at the bar (if you have booked a room at the Envoy Hotel, which is ideal). The Lookout Rooftop Bar is open 4 – 11 PM (Mondays through Wednesdays), 4 PM – 12 AM (Thursdays through Saturdays), and Sunday (12 PM-11 PM).