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The Lookout Rooftop Bar is one of Boston’s hottest neighborhood hangouts, but unlike other bars, it actually becomes even more special and enticing during the winter. From the revered-looking Lookout Rooftop Bar, we have opened our extremely popular winter pop-up igloo bar for everyone who wants to enjoy the best cocktails during the chilly winter months – with a view!

If your idea for a relaxing night out with friends is seeing the breathtaking Boston city line and the Boston harbor, the Lookout offers six extra-special heated igloos where everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy the night. Each igloo can hold up to eight guests, and igloos can be reserved for special events, too. The availability of the igloos, unless reserved, is first come, first served.

Why are our winter pop-up igloos so incredible? It’s in the small details. In addition to being heated (and therefore, they offer the best seats in the house even in the deep of winter), guests are also treated to delicious cocktails from our resident mixologist, small bites, comfy blankets, and a special button that guests can press so waiters will know when you need more cocktails.

Each group of guests can use the igloos for a maximum of two hours at a time. But don’t worry – if you weren’t able to reserve an igloo, you can still have the time of your life at the Lookout Rooftop Bar because we have recently debuted our new heated enclosure at the main bar!

Take note that igloo reservation is decided by general availability and weather conditions. The igloos open on November 7th, and are available from 4pm to 11pm from Tuesday to Thursday, and Friday to Saturday from 3pm to closing. Igloo reservation hours are 4-6pm, 6:30-8:30pm, and 9-11pm.

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Lookout’s revamped Cocktails & Beer Menu is perfect for the season.

There’s Cash Honey (Bar Hill Gin, Cointreau, Amaretto, Caledonia Raw Honey, Egg White), Leave the Lights On (Fortaleza Blanco, Tangerine Fruitations, Vanilla, Lemon, Honey Bitters), Fizz Bump (Hendricks, Lavender & Earl Grey Simple, Lemon, Egg White) and other wonderful concoctions that make use of a variety of ingredients from Keel Vodka to Teeling Irish Whiskey. The Signature Seasons 15 are also worth trying, especially the Heat Miser (Ghost Tequila, Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, Orgeat, Coconut Milk), With or Without (Diplomatico Rum, Apple Cider, Cold Brew, Coole Swan Irish Liquer) and more.

There is actually incredible diversity in the drinks that you can order from the bar, including the all-popular seltzers as shown by the Arctic Summer (Pineapple Seltzer, Polar Seltzer, Worcester MA, 5.0% ABV), Truly Sparkling Seltzer (Blueberry Acai or Lime, 100 calories, 5.0% ABV), Willie’s Superbrew (Sparkling Pear and Cinnamon Seltzer, Cape Cod, MA, 4.5% ABV). This means your night out with your buddies or significant other is going to be extra special with our heated igloos and best in class cocktails. Call today to reserve your very own heated igloo and get the best sights of the city while enjoying cocktails with friends!