The Outlook Kitchen is the Envoy Hotel’s dining pride and joy. Located downstairs, where it is most accessible by all guests, the Outlook Kitchen features a wonderful dining flair that is American at its base, but has also been cast and molded by New England influences, international cooking, and the seasonal variations of locally-sourced produce in the Boston area. In short, the Outlook Kitchen’s cuisine is as dynamic as can be, designed with all the creativity and love that every serious foodie deserves.

The Food

The Outlook Kitchen features the best summertime dining, bar none, and with its revamped menus, you’re going to have a grand time feasting on New England and eclectic dishes done just right and with several splashes of flair and taste. The Outlook Kitchen’s dinner menu includes the braised lamb belly, complete with whipped ricotta cheese, spicy sesame candy and drizzled with mint oil. A most exciting combination of tender meat, sweet, spicy, and a dazzling array of flavors, to boot. The Jonah lump crab cake has basil aioli and grapefruit. There’s also Spanish octopus, Blue Hill Bay mussels, duck confit, and so much more.

You will feel right at home at the Outlook Kitchen if you love seafood, and if you love great food done exquisitely right – with flavor you’ve never thought were possible with the base ingredients. The previous dishes are under Social Plates, let’s take a look at the soups and salads.

Now, the thing about the soups, salads and cold apps offered by the Outlook Kitchen is they’re all familiar, and yet “out of the box.” For example, the classic cauliflower soup was made more exciting by curry, crispy peas, chick peas and chives. That is a ton of flavor in a such a small, power-packed package, right?

But that’s not nearly all. The spicy tuna poke is assembled with the world-favorite gojuchang vinaigrette, bits of flavorful tempura and expertly prepared chili threads for that beautiful, spicy kick that makes the spicy tuna poke an awesome appetizer. The Outlook Kitchen’s dessert menu is nothing short of amazing, because it was able to blend gentle notes with mesmerizing flavors, all the while keeping every dessert modern and likeable by a large span of food lovers.

The Pavlova, for example, is made with lime curd, blackberries, whipped vanilla bean yogurt, and macadamia nuts. The green tea parfait, on the other hand, is the Outlook Kitchen’s contribution to the global matcha craze, with its matcha cremeux, coconut mousse, passion fruit pearls, matcha crumble, and sesame tuile.

For more classic textures and flavors, try the stone fruit galette, with its almond cream, crame fraiche gelato and balsamic caramel. This dessert is served warm for perfect enjoyment. The campfire torte on the other hand, dark chocolate ganache, graham cracker crust, and toasted meringue. These dishes are just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s just so much more to discover when you dine with us at the Outlook Kitchen in Boston. Visit the Envoy Hotel soon and see for yourself what elegant and tasty seaport dining is really like.

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