Planning to spend your New Year in Boston? Stay at The Envoy Hotel and satiate your taste buds at The Outlook Kitchen, where Chef Tatiana Rosana is putting together the most savory and satisfying New Year’s Eve dinner for The Outlook Kitchen’s guests. Chef Tatiana is a two-time champion of Chopped and she has outdone herself by creating a most mouth-watering three-course dinner that will ring in the New Year perfectly.

When you reserve a table for New Year’s Eve dining, your table will have Parker House rolls, black sea salt, and house-made butter. These three will be perfect for the three-course meal that’s about to follow.

For the first course, we have a New England-inspired fried wellfleet oysters made with black garlic aioli, ikura, and gold. Definitely tempting and luxurious, and perfect for the New Year. The black garlic aioli will perfectly complement the tender fried wellfleet oysters, as well as provide texture and tone to the dish.

Also for the first course, you also have a choice of charred Savoy cabbage, with parmesan cheese, citrus, and herbs. For more seafood, you may order a blushing tomato crab bisque, perfected with Jonah Lump crab, fragrant chives, and fennel oil.

For a heavier first course option, choose our beef tenderloin Carpaccio, made with hearts of palm, pickled shiitake mushrooms, mizuna and crème fraiche. Definitely hearty and sumptuous.

For the second course, feast your senses on some golden risotto, made with saffron, sage, parseley, lemon and burnt sugar. For fish lovers, there’s also Atlantic halibut, made fresh with champagne bubbles, herbed fregula, broccolini, dill and chardonnay, and beurr blanc.

The texture of the fish, coupled with the unique recipe, will surely satiate even the most demanding of foodies. Then, for those who are looking for more classic dinner fare, order steak and potatoes, made with luxurious filet mignon cut of meat, twice cooked potatoes, mustard greens, and truffle demi. There will be no shortage of flavors during your New Year’s Even dining experience at The Outlook Kitchen, that is for sure.

And finally, for the third course, enjoy a serving of apple cider granita, made with ginger crème fraiche and maple toasted oats. A second dessert you can order is the white chocolate mousse cake, which is mild but extremely flavorful. Indulge in its caramel center, hazelnut cake, and cinnamon anglaise. For those looking for a cool dessert, there are also local gelatos and sorbets from Ice Haus Pattiser and Natick MA.

Welcoming the New Year doesn’t have to be stressful or work-filled at all. Leave all the cooking to us, so all the relaxing will be yours to enjoy. Book a room at The Envoy Hotel today and plan your best New Year’s Eve dinner at The Outlook Kitchen. No muss, no fuss this New Year’s Eve – just enjoyment, relaxation, and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience for everyone.

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