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Grabbing Drinks With Friends? Check Out This Boston Rooftop Hot Spot

The Lookout Rooftop Bar is a nice place to visit on a fall afternoon for cocktails, beautiful views, and overall enjoyment. Sitting on the sixth floor of the Envoy Hotel, it offers amazing views of downtown Boston. Apart from the opportunity to experience the great architecture of the International place and the surroundings, you also have the opportunity to see the old Northern Avenue Bridge, Boston Harbor, as well as plenty of other views. The prices for the drinks offered are reasonable, and the environment is warm and friendly.

Dine and Wine During Labor Day

Labor Day comes every year while providing friends and families the opportunity to enjoy together and celebrate before school resumes. If you are wondering where you should celebrate Labor Day this year, then you should head over to Boston. You will enjoy a taste of the best foods and drinks. At the Outlook Kitchen and Rooftop Bar, you have the best Labor Day experience, in a warm and friendly environment. At the Rooftop Bar, you enjoy a panoramic view of events as they happen in the city.


Eat, Drink & Be Merry While Celebrating Labor Day In Boston

Labor Day is a day for great festivities, where families and friends get together to celebrate before the start of school and the beginning of the football season. Boston is well known for being merry at this time of the year with hotels giving visitors and residents a taste of the best dishes and drinks. Here at The Envoy Hotel, we give you the best Labor Day experience at our Outdoor Kitchen & Bar and the Lookout Rooftop & Bar.

Lookout Rooftop and Bar: Enjoy Labor Day celebrations in our modern building with a panoramic view from our rooftop bar. The bar has an amazing design with glowing fire pits and intimate seating groups. You will get an amazing view of the Boston skyline and Boston harbor. The Boston harbor is where Labor Day’s firework action takes place. You’ll get to enjoy the show from one of the best viewing spots, that is, right from the comfort of our rooftop. The seating areas are mounted with heaters to keep you warm just in case the evening gets cold. Actually, most of our guests relax on the rooftop all night long.


Enjoying Boston’s Beautiful Skyline Views From the Lookout Rooftop Bar

You can never spend enough time in Boston. Boston has successfully managed to seamlessly blend history and modernism, and what you get is a city teeming with innovation, vibrancy and a rich culture.

Experiencing all that Boston has to offer can take you several days (and sometimes, even more). But one thing you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in this city is to take in the majestic skyline views it has to offer.

The Outlook Kitchen is located on the lower level of the hotel, allowing guests to enjoy a wide selection of world-class foods and beverages. However, the Lookout Rooftop Bar offers the best, unhindered views of Boston’s spectacular skyline. Located in the city’s Innovation District, the Envoy Hotel is a well-known hot spot to revel in the picturesque panoramas the establishment effortlessly provides.