Boston is definitely one of the more interesting cities to visit in the US because it is a virtual melting pot of cultures, and its intimate connection with the sea means it is indeed an open city (in its heart and soul), and this natural warmth to people from all walks of life and from wherever they may be from, is reflected in its cuisine.

The Envoy Hotel is proud to be the home of two distinctive places for food and drinks in the Innovation District: the Outlook Kitchen and the Lookout Rooftop Bar. These are two separate places, one downstairs and one at the rooftop, that provide not just great service, but also a clear reflection of the modern-eclectic energy that drives the city of Boston.

The Outlook Kitchen is a select dining restaurant with a full-service, scratch kitchen that can accommodate special dietary requests any time of the day, during operating hours. The cuisine is described as progressive/creative American, with a touch of New England influences. The Outlook Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and desserts, and is always coming up with new ways to make seafood plates even more special.

Seafood will always be the hallmark ingredient in many dishes at the Outlook Kitchen, simply because the sea has played such a vital role in the cultural formation of the city itself. A city by the sea will always pay homage to the main provider, the source of inspiration, history and resources – the sea itself. Treat yourself to wonderful dishes like braised lamb belly with whipped ricotta, mint oil, and morels, or grilled Spanish octopus made heartier by green harissa, blistered cherry tomatoes and caramelized onions, plus chorizo.

You can also order dinner favorites like spicy tuna poke, curried cauliflower soup, the unique watermelon salad, and the little gem Caesar salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, brioche croutons, and shaved parmesan. The Lookout Rooftop Bar has been a neighborhood hotspot for years, for two reasons: great spirits and a stunning view of the surrounding district that is matched by few others bars in the area. You would think that the Envoy Hotel’s accommodations would be sufficient to appreciate the beauty of the city; well, the Lookout Rooftop Bar takes things up a notch with a wide-open space, a laid-back and casual ambiance, plus home-brewed goodness and flavors that reflect the progressive American spirit of wine and dine in Boston.

There’s whiskey & bourbon, vodka, Irish whiskey scotch & single malts, gin, rum, brandy & cognac, tequila, cordials, and cocktails galore. Cocktails are just $15 apiece, with offerings such as La Diabla (Dobel Diamante, grapefruit fruitation, truly sparkling grapefruit), Seaport Sangria (blush wine, peach schnapps, bols elder flower, pineapple juice), the Pain Killer (Bacardi gold, coconut, pineapple juice, orange juice), and Lime O’Clock Mule (Absolut lime, lime juice, simple, ginger beer). There’s always something to look forward to when you visit the Lookout Rooftop Bar, something new to discover each time.

Don’t forget to call either the Outlook Kitchen or the Lookout Rooftop Bar and wine and dine like never before in the city of dreams, Boston.