One of the best things about booking your stay at the Envoy Hotel in Boston is the fact that you’re never too many steps away from amazing food (or liquors) and you can even have food delivered directly to your room if you feel the strong waves of craving but aren’t in the mood to get out.

The Envoy Hotel is home to two great places to grab a bite. The Outlook Kitchen & Bar, which is downstairs serves full meals any time of the day. You absolutely do not have to worry about breakfast/brunch, lunch or dinner, because full course offerings are available all day.

Apart from the usual meal items like omelets and salads, the Outlook Kitchen & Bar prides itself in a whole range of wonderful seafood dishes to suit every possible taste. It also has a scratch kitchen, so all you have to do is state your diet preferences and meal items will be proffered to you easily by the highly trained roster of chefs and kitchen staff. Whether you’re vegan or going gluten-free, you’re sure to have a good meal at the Outlook Kitchen & Bar.

Of course, if you’re going out with friends, your night will be so much more special if you can share awesome drinks together, right? That’s where the Lookout Rooftop Bar comes into the picture. The Lookout Rooftop Bar is located at–yes, the rooftop–of the Envoy Hotel and features a wide variety of spirits and liquors for every type of drinker.

From regular beers to craft brews that hold the esteem of being especially brewed in-house, you can grab a variety of drinks here plus bites and hefty snacks that will surely satisfy your palate fill your tummy. Another awesome thing about the Lookout Rooftop Bar is that it literally changes its skin depending on the season. In winter, the Lookout Rooftop Bar blooms at night with the extra-creative igloos that a whole group of friends can enjoy.

These igloos light up at night, and guests will be given comfortable blankets to make their igloo experience even cozier. In the summer, you will have full, unobstructed view of the Boston city line, plus great food that comes with the season. Expect new treats to come as the weather warms, and the breezy rooftop is really the place to enjoy the night out with friends if you think about it.

Both the Lookout Rooftop Bar in Boston and the Outlook Kitchen & Bar follow the tradition of city’s vibrant local and international outlook when it comes to food. Apart from the New England influence, the food here is dynamic and constantly adapting to suit the preferences of both local and international patrons.

So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend with family or friends in Boston be sure to either book a room at the Envoy Hotel or drop by our gorgeous Outlook Kitchen & Bar or the Lookout Rooftop Bar for a taste of Boston like you’ve never had before.