The Lookout Waterfront Rooftop Bar is the brainchild, and pride and glory of the Envoy Hotel in Boston, and has been praised by the press and by private guests as a one of a kind experience for tourists who happen to be in the Seaport District. But what makes The Lookout Waterfront Rooftop Bar so special?

#1 Breathtaking views 

While ground-level bars are nice, absolutely nothing compares to a rooftop bar perched on one of the best hotels in the Seaport District. The stunning Boston skyline beckons to guests and if this is your first time in the city, you will be happy to know that you can get a dreamy, panoramic view of the entire city by just being at the Lookout Waterfront Rooftop Bar. And don’t worry: each of the intimate and comfortable spaces that are clustered out individually have their own heaters, so feeling chilly is absolutely not a problem.

#2 One of a kind igloos (yes, igloos)

During the fall/winter seasons the colorful, heated igloos of Lookout spring to life. The igloos are warm, cozy, and perfect for small groups of friends looking for a respite from the cold. Of course, during the summer, the wide open spaces of Lookout are perfect as they are. Visit Lookout during the colder months of the year to catch the igloos. This year, the igloos officially closed on April 15th.

#3 Large format cocktails

Why settle for regular shots of your favorite cocktails when you can order them in large format for you and your friends? The Lookout’s large format cocktails are good for four people and come in three iterations: Fish Bowl, 1950, and Upper West Side. Fish Bowl features Bacardi Gold Rum, brandy, peach liqueur, iced tea, lemon, and bitters. 1950 is mixed with Michters Bourbon, Canton ginger liqueur, Fabrizia limoncello and apple cider. And finally, the Upper West Side large format cocktail is a combination of Absolut Elyx, cranberry fruitations, ginger beer, and lime. All these are crafted by our resident mixologist for a night of fun and excitement with friends.

#4 Specialty cocktails

No bar experience will be complete without great cocktails, and fortunately, the ones at the Lookout are not only priced modestly, they’re also bursting with fun and flavors. For example, Ghost of Straussy is made with Ghost Tequila, tangerine fruitations and truly lime – the perfect mix of flavor and punch in just one cocktail. Brian’s Barrel Aged concoction is made of constantly aging Knob Creek bourbon, ruby port, carpanto antica, cointreau and bitters. The flavor profile of our cocktails is solid, dynamic and indicative of the eclectic modern culture of Boston.

Be sure to pay a visit to the Lookout Waterfront Rooftop Bar soon for the most picturesque views, wonderful cocktails, and a unique experience at the heart of Boston’s Seaport District. And if you’d like to avoid the lines to get in, just remember that guests of The Envoy Hotel are guaranteed access to the Lookout Waterfront Rooftop Bar.