Boston has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. The Seaport District is one of the fastest growing hotspots in the area, offering many different sights, unique spots, and waterfront glory. The Seaport District connects the waterfront to the rest of the city, making it a section that has quite an upscale feel. Whether you’re a tourist looking to find adventure, or a local hoping to find a posh, new restaurant, you’re in luck. But, what makes for a good dining experience? Let’s crack into that now.

First off, deciding what type of experience you’d enjoy having is important. Sounds simple, right? If it’s just going to be you you’re going to have a very different experience than if it’s a big group event. The timing, amount of people, and occasion certainly all play a big role in how to make your plans. Keeping this in mind means either finding a restaurant that can accommodate big and small parties, or picking the venue after the fact. Planning ahead and knowing upfront is better, so you can make reservations if necessary.

Boston Rooftop Bar at Dusk

Here at the Envoy Hotel in Boston, we do our best to give our visitors an exceptional experience. During the warmer months, our Lookout Rooftop Bar is open for bar bites, drinks, and plenty of beautiful skyline city views. Although, we also have a flexible, large group friendly kitchen and bar downstairs called the Outlook Kitchen. Our venue is intimate, but also buzzing with activity. The menu is inspired by all of the different influences on the Boston culture.  We also have all of our menus online, so you can look ahead to make sure our menu and food selection pleases your whole party.

Now that you’ve planned ahead and accommodated your party, the next factor you’ll need to take into consideration is the type of cuisine everyone likes. Again, just like party size, you could choose a restaurant with a large selection of different kinds of foods that will make everyone happy. This would help take care of everyone’s different food tastes. It’s simply another factor to keep in mind, so you don’t choose something too specific that not everyone in your party will like.

Our seasonal variations at the Outlook Kitchen are all made from locally sourced food. The one of a kind experience we deliver is important to us. The bar highlights micro brews, handmade craft cocktails, and a variety of small batch bourbons, single malt scotches, and more. The bold character of the restaurant is noticeable in every piece of the puzzle, and we do our best to keep up that flare.

We’d love to have you and your party in today. Please give us a call at 617 530 1559. You can also make your reservation online through OpenTable by clicking here. And, as always, don’t hesitate to call and ask us any questions about our venue or menu. We’d be happy to help. Thanks and see you in soon.